In The Spotlight

Chantal Canet-Jeanton (France) - Triple Diamond

I discovered Stemtech products because of a personal issue. As a supporter of alternative medicine, I was looking for natural solutions. After continuous research, I discovered Stemtech’s food supplements in March 2011, at that time available from England. I immediately felt the benefits and I wanted to share this with everybody. In October 2011, when the market opened in France, I met Ray Carter and other executives. I was convinced by their speeches which I could fully relate to. At that time, I was unemployed and with a very low income. At my age, it was difficult for me to find a job and I thought it was really the best moment to take the opportunity and commit to this serious Company. Within a period of 4 months, I started earning the same amount as in my previous after-sales Assistant’s position. It was great because 2 months later, my income doubled and it was growing increasingly. Stemtech is a reliable, visionary Company that always innovates, thus offering exceptional food supplements. It enabled me to change my life and many people's lives. It's by helping people to succeed that we succeed ourselves. One cannot go without the other. Do not be selfish, let's share, it allows us to meet extraordinary people and without Stemtech this wouldn't have been possible. For six years now with Stemtech, I have an amazing life, I travel wherever and whenever I want. I change my car whenever I want and no longer when I can... Helping others to live as I'm living, to regain physical and financial welfare, brings happiness. Enthusiasm, help, sharing and perseverance are the keys of my success. With Stemtech, everything is possible!